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CYCMODE:  Experience Cycling Like Never Before

CYCMODE: Experience Cycling Like Never Before

I know come January 2nd there’s going to be a mad dash for many including myself to the gym to work off the weight that we put on during November and December.  I do try to control the eating to not let things get out of control, but I’ve been struggling lately.  My co-workers and I even have a contest going to see who can lose the most weight by the end of the year.  The only problem is the scale is moving in the wrong direction for all of us!

Sometimes it just takes me a while to get in the zone.  I resolved to be at least physically active a few times a week until I get my eating under control.

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Working out has always been a challenge for me.  Even when I’m on a consistent roll, I’m easily bored and lack motivation.  My strategy is to work out in groups where my peers are pushing me not to give up, or a trainer is calling me out on my lazy form! The trainers at my gym often call me out on my excuses.  One who’ve I named the Drill Sergeant will even text me to get my butt over to the gym!

I’m therefore always on the hunt for workouts that challenge me and keep my attention, and when I learn of new motivating workouts I'm pumped, and I have to share.

I was invited to check out a new cycling studio in Chicago called CYCMODE.  I’d never heard of this studio, but my first thought was that its nothing different than the cycling classes that I’ve done in the past.  Upon learning more, I discovered that it’s the first cycling studio in the WORLD to offer moveable bikes along with the fully immersive experience.  Reading about it, I thought it was cool, but I honestly hadn’t fully comprehended the concept.

I knew that it was something that I’d end up writing about, so I wanted to stop in and snap a few pics of the studio.  That’s when I met the owner, Tasha.  She left the corporate world after 20 plus years to follow her passion and open this studio.  Get it, girl! She gave me a tour of the studio, equipment, and screen and whatever I didn’t comprehend before I abruptly understood! OMG!  I was so pumped to take a class!

The studio features RealRyder Indoor Cycling Bikes, the industry's only indoor bike that allows riders to lean, turn, steer, and balance through three planes of motion.  The screen is a 40-foot wide curved projection screen that provides an immersive viewing experience.  This is the future of Fitness!

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There are several class options from which to choose.

  • THE TRIP:  A workout with a journey through digitally-created worlds. 
  • LES MILLS SPRINT:  A 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout
  • FREESTYLE: A beat-based ride with a high-energy playlist.  It combines calorie burning endurance intervals.

All of the classes sounded interesting; my friend and I decided that we’d take The Trip. Each trip has eight workouts that change along with the music that's queued to the exercise.  

Our instructor for the class was Kailee.  Let me tell you, she’s full of energy and fiercely motivating.  I didn’t want to disappoint her spirit, but I was struggling, haha.  It could've had something to do with the fact that my friend and I had just come from feasting at a Korean Barbecue restaurant in Chinatown!  (I know!)  

I didn’t think that controlling the bike would be so challenging, but I had to seriously engage my abs and muscles to maintain control leading to a killer workout.  Kailee made it look so easy, she is STRONG. 

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I loved that trip; you felt like you were in the scene.  There were a few killer curves that you had to lean into and significant hills to climb.  At one point we were underwater.  There were also some specific high-intensity intervals.   For sure a motivating workout that felt good!  I didn’t do too bad my first time.  I must be honest though; I was nervous about falling off my bike, lol.  Now that I'm in the know, I will relax more. FYI, if you prefer a motionless bike, no worries, you can lock your bike.

Overall my friend and I loved the class, and I know I will return! 

I hope that you give this studio a try…it’s the next best thing to riding your bike through a stimulating outdoor course.   

Use Promo Code 15OFF to get 15% off on your first ride.  CYCMODE is located in the South Loop of Chicago at 1333 S. Wabash St.

  • Studio space can be rented for private events including corporate teambuilding activities, fundraising events, birthday parties, bride rides.
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